Event Halls

We offer 4 grand elegant halls where you can hold family events and other celebrations with full privacy. The halls are also used for lectures and conferences and host seminars for organizations, institutions and workers’ unions, as well as fancy dinners for donors of all communities.

Symphony Hall

This broad venue is designed in a fastidious European style of rare quality. The hall includes a big dance floor. Symphony Hall can host 250-400 guests.

Opera Hall

This side hall provides maximum privacy to those attending the event. It can host up to 100 guests.

Meitar Hall

In this corner venue, you can hold events, family gatherings, Shabbat Chatan and more. It can host up to 50 people.

Keshet Hall

This hall can host up to 70 people. It is used for small events, such as Brit Milah, birthdays etc.

Conference Hall

You may hold business meetings, board meetings, seminars and small events in our conference hall. We can provide a wide variety of refreshments that fit the type of the conference and the host's needs. The hall has a capacity of 25 people.מיועד ל25 אנשים

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