About Kinorot

Kinorot Hotel in Tiberias combines exclusive hospitality of the highest standards with strict Mehadrin Kashrut and perfect accommodation to the needs of the religious and Haredi sectors. The hotel is a short distance from the Kinneret and all the tourist centers offered by the city of Tiberias, as well as the ancient synagogues and the famous cemeteries. The hotel has about 120 guest rooms at different levels, including luxurious guest suites, garden rooms, rooms equipped with jacuzzis and other upgrade options. A spectacular and spacious lobby and four halls for private events, conferences and lectures. Hotel guests have at their disposal an indoor and heated pool all year round, a spa, a luxurious gym and a host of sophisticated comfort facilities. The culinary field is managed by the renowned chef Meir Ifergan. The meals include a unique, rich and varied menu and an abundance of luxurious, meticulous and rich dishes

Kinorot Tiberias meets the strictest standards of Kashrut according to all methods and is awarded the strict Kosher Mehadrin status of Badatz Eda Haredit. The hotel was established in 2017 by the Pearl family, with the aim of enabling guests who need Kashrut of Badatz Eda Haredit, to enjoy vacation and hospitality at an international level. The place is specially adapted for seminars, professional conferences and vacations organized for organizations and institutions. Kinorot Hotel Tberias places special emphasis on personal, courteous and dedicated service and attention to the smallest details.

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