Kinorot Hotel Tiberius offers terrific hospitality and deluxe kosher catering that make it a perfect match to the religious and Haredi sector. The hotel is merely a short distance from the Sea of Galilee and all the touristic attractions of Tiberius, the old synagogues and the famous ancient cemeteries.

There are 120 guest rooms of different types in the hotel, including our fancy suites, garden rooms, sophisticated rooms with a Jacuzzi and further upgrade options. The hotel has a magnificent grand lobby and 4 halls for private events, conferences and lectures. The roofed swimming pool is heated and open year-round, and our guests can also enjoy a spa, an excellent gym and many other comfortable facilities.

The culinary experience is managed by the famous chef Meir Ifargan. The menu is unique, rich and diverse and every feast includes a wide selection of lavish gourmet dishes.

Kinorot Hotel Tiberius adheres to the strictest kosher standards set accordingly with all methods and has obtained the paramount kosher certification of Badatz. The hotel was founded in 2017 by the Pearl family to provide a world-class vacation to the public who relies on Badatz. The venue was specially designed for seminars, professional conferences and group vacations for organizations and institutions. The staff of Kinorot Hotel Tiberius is attentive to the smallest details and will serve each and every guest with kindness and devotion.

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